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              Lianyungang Lianli·First Meter Co Ltd., is composed of Lianyungang Lianli Water Meter Co. Ltd. and Lianyungang First Meter Co Ltd through powerful alliances, the establishment of strategic reorganization of a production and operation of various types of water meter manufacturing enterprises, registered capital of thirty million Yuan(RMB), is one of the largest production base of domestic water meter in China.
              Lianyungang Lianli Water Meter Co., Ltd. was the first Sino foreign joint venture export enterprises established in 1987 which professional production and operation of various types of water meter, registered capital of three million U.S. dollars. The varieties of products are all imported from Italy; the main production equipment is imported from Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Her established has greatly enriched the types and models of Chinese water meter product, fundamental changed the Chinese water meter industry, and laid a solid foundation for water meter of China which sells to the world. At present, Lianli water meter enjoy high reputation in the international market.
              Lianyungang First Meter Co. Ltd was founded in 2005, is a professional manufacturers of water meters that focused on the domestic market. The company has high starting point, large number of professionals have joined in when the company establishment, the company develop rapid. Due to the unremitting efforts of the whole company staff, the scale of company has substantial expanding in just a few years, the products is best-selling throughout the provinces of China. To 2014, The Company has become one of the biggest manufacturers of water meter in China. The ability of research and development for product is reaching the domestic leading level. Based on introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology, the company has developed a lot of best-selling products. It’s a very energetic private enterprise which has good prospects.
              In 2014, in order make the enterprises become bigger and stronger, Lianyungang Lianli·First Meter Co., Ltd., has strategic reorganized. The new company merged with Lianyungang First Meter Co Ltd and holding Lianyungang Lianli Water Meter Co., Ltd. truly realizes the powerful alliances, supply the domestic and international markets, the company can meet market demand more effectively.
              At present, Lianyungang Lianli·First Meter Co. Ltd. can produce more than 30 series and about 200 models of water meter for varied requirements; the diameter of production is from 15mm up to 600mm, with an annual production capacity of 5,000,000 meters.
              The company employees are more than 400, 40% of which are professional men and technicians of relevant subjects, those who occupy key positions have all been trained abroad. The company has complete production, testing experimental facilities, advanced technology and strict management.
              The company has got Certificate of the ISO9001 and ISO14001, the company also get the EEC quality certification, BV quality certification as well as certificate from water authorities from many other countries, and has passed the national and Jiangsu province random quality inspection for many times. Honors come one by one: Famous-brand products of Lianyungang city, Famous-brand products of Jiangsu province, Products of Exemption from Quality Surveillance Inspection, Recommended to Europe market products by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, France High-tech Products and so on. Company has many faithful customers and agencies all over the world.
              Lianli·First is willing to protect the world resources, to guard the modern life. With spirit of enterprise "heart to heart, hand in hand, win and win"; we are willing to make new contributions of saving water for mankind.
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              Add: Lianyungang economic and technological development zone, jiangsu, china
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